british illustration studio dorothy, has released its newest illustrated print celebrating some of the greatest moments in rock ’n roll history. hidden inside the iconic VOX AC30 amp, beloved by bands like the beatles and the stones, these tiny glimpses of former times depict the most important music legends.


all images courtesy of dorothy

40 great rock ‘n roll moments hidden inside a vox AC30 amp



the illustrators were interested in the creation of the VOC AC30 amp itself, as the machine’s cutaway reveals its lively insides. ‘the story behind the creation of the VOX AC30 is the stuff of music legends. hank marvin, lead guitarist for the shadows complained to dick denney, designer at jennings musical industries that his 15-watt VOX AC15 couldn’t be heard over the screaming crowds at cliff richard shows.’  and that was how the much louder 30-watt AC30 amplifier was born in 1959.


the beatles



the machine was quickly adopted as the preferred amp for bands such as the beatles, the kinks and the stones, defining the sound of the ‘british invasion’ when the popularity of these guitar-wielding british bands spread to the united states. the VOX amp’s appeal continued through the decades with bands like queen, U2, the smiths, nirvana, radiohead, and arctic monkeys.


the who



the amp’s significance is at the center of the illustration, hosting 40 famous moments from the rock ’n roll hall of fame. it features the beatle’s famous gig on top of the apple building, the rolling stone’s free festival at hyde park, bob dylan’s electric appearance at newport folk festival, johnny cash’s performance at folsom prison, jimi hendrix’s stage antics and monterey international pop festival and sex pistols at lesser free trade hall.


johnny cash



the print is available from dorothy’s online store 


pink floyd



the rolling stones



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