plants envelop dossofiorito’s hanging epiphytes pots with their roots
all photos by federico villa/ courtesy of dossofiorito




dossofiorito investigates the relationship between man and nature with a project focusing on epiphyte plants. these types of organisms, mostly native to the rainforest, grow and survive in the wild by hanging on branches or leaves of other trees and plants, grasping onto them with their roots.


at salone del mobile 2015, the italian studio — comprising dossofiorito livia rossi and gianluca giabardo — present ‘epiphytes’, a collection of suspended vases made in white ceramic, with stainless steel handles, a cork stopper and rope. the suspended vessels offer an alternative to the potted cultivation of epiphytic houseplants, making visible not only the leaves and flower part of the plant, but also its roots — in turn, allowing people to appreciate and admire the beauty of a vegetable specimen in its entirety. with this system of ‘epiphytes’ pots, roots are not contained in the vase, but they envelop it as they would do with a tree branch in the forest.

the collection of suspended vases are made in white ceramic




upon initial planting, the roots are held in place by a tread, yet within few months, they are to grab on to the ceramic by themselves. the neck and the bottom of the ‘epiphyte’ container are glazed for better resistance and waterproofing, while the central body is instead made in raw ceramic. in this way, once the container is filled with water, the walls of the vase will absorb it for capillarity, offering the hosted plant the right amount of humidity and water for several days.

roots wrap around the circumference of the vessel

within few months of planting, the organisms are to grab on to the ceramic by themselves

the pots allow people to appreciate the beauty of a vegetable specimen in its entirety

details of roots taking shape around the circumference of the pot

the vessels offer a new language for indoor potted plants