workshop workshop space at design miami 09 photo © james harris

during design miami 09, sculptor graham hudson was in charge of constructing a workspace using leftover lumber, rubber, plastic, furniture – anything the fair and the city (the larger fair) had cast off. together with jim drain and poet p. scott cunningham, the trio produced, ‘workshop workshop’, a place where physical and metaphysical byproducts are put to use, creating an environment / locus for collaboration.

drain, cunningham and hudson at design miami 09close-up

drain, cunningham and hudson at design miami 09british artist jim drain, poet p. scott cunningham, and sculptor graham hudson photo © red eye productions

‘the brief happy life of workshop workshop’ by jim drain, p. scott cunningham and graham hudson produced zines during the event that responded to design miami itself – its participants, objects, conversations, histories, narratives, suggestions and shapes.

defintion of zine [zeen]: 1. an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine 2. a handmade journal, with small circulations and hyperlocal aesthetics, that maximizes the two-dimensional intersection of image and text, using both original and appropriated content. 3. any self-published work of minority interest reproduced via photocopier.

completed zines had a cost of $5.00 each and could be bartered for intellectual property.

proceeds were donated to two local non-profits, bas fisher invitational, an artist-run exhibition space located in the buena vista building in miami’s design district, and the university of wynwood, a literature advocacy organization.