free up vertical closet space with drew cleaver’s higher hangers
all images courtesy of drew cleaver




the idea of ‘higher hangers’ was sparked in the university dorm room of entrepreneur drew cleaver. after noticing the amount of vertical closet space lost due to conventional hanger design, cleaver realized the potential for innovation. a quick mock-up was produced using materials on hand, followed by a period of development and revision. in the end, ‘higher hangers’ were born. the final design includes two styles, a velvet-flocked slimline and a heavy duty wood composite. ‘higher hangers’ was launched on kickstarter several days ago, and has since surpassed its US$ 40,000 goal by nearly $17,000. for more information or to snag some for yourself, visit ‘higher hanger’s’ project page here.

drew cleaver higher hanger design
velvet slimline (nonslip) ‘higher hanger’


video courtesy of drew cleaver

free up vertical closet space with drew cleaver's higher hangers
conventional vs. optimized 

drew cleaver higher hanger design
‘higher hangers’ were designed with collared shirts in mind



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