‘drifted’ by lars beller fjetland for discipline, 2012 image © designboom

italian furniture manufacturer discipline has collaborated with norwegian designer lars beller fjetland to produce his ‘drifted’ object series. each piece in the collection boasts a curved cork top supported by a wooden legged base. fjetland’s series also incorporates construction typical to traditional scandinavian furniture craftsmanship.

presented during milan design week 2012, the collection was formed from fjetland’s experience visiting the norwegian coast, gaining in a walk along the water’s edge an awareness of the various objects which had floated ashore. the designer imagines that the cork and ash wood which comprise his collection have had a similar reincarnation to the same materials having been roughed up by the nordic waves– in both instances their shapes and textures now unrecognizable from the state in which they entered the water or touched the designer’s hands. fjetland constructed the leg from ash wood, which stand in stark juxtaposition to the soft seat of cork which the sturdy frame cradles.

drifted by lars beller fjetland for discipline the ‘drifted’ collection in full image © designboom

drifted by lars beller fjetland for discipline detailed view of the short stool from the series 480 mm x 480 mm x 450 mm image © designboom

‘these textures, shapes and material set the basis for the stool ”drifted”. the name plays off the materials ability to drift with the current‘. -lars beller fjetland

drifted by lars beller fjetland for discipline an elongated cork and ash bench and stools of various heights comprise the nature-formed collection image © designboom

drifted by lars beller fjetland for discipline the taller seating component of the series has the same cork seat, while it’s long legs are painted a vibrant red image © designboom