drill design: geografia series ‘blank’ all photos by ryoukan abe



‘geografia’ by japanese studio drill design (yusuke hayashi and yoko yasunishi) is a series of products that employ geography, topography and earth as themes. the desktop items draw on special processing techniques and printing technology methods. ‘geografia’ will be on show at maison et objet 2011 from january 21st to 25th.


‘blank’ is a globe with a blank map which users can color in themselves and comes in english and japanese versions.

drill design: geografia series ‘blank’ globes

drill design: geografia series ‘material’




‘material’ is a series of globe that showcases a variety of resources found on the earth. the form focuses on graphic patterns and paper textures.

drill design: geografia series ‘sectional globe’




the ‘sectional globe’ features the earth’s configurations. it is constructed in such a way that it leans at exactly the angle of the earth’s tilt – 23.4 degrees – when placed on a flat surface. sections of the globe can be pulled out to reveal small storage spaces within

drill design: geografia series ‘sectional globe’ detail

drill design: geografia series ‘memo block’




‘memo block’ is a notepad that has an altitude of 200 pages. it is a solid pad of paper with contour lines cut into it.small numbers are printed onto the corners of the paper to indicate how many pages are remaining.

drill design: geografia series ‘book mark’




from the river to the river, these book marks reproduce the major lakes of the world through 3D printing. the rivers that run in and out of these lakes are expressed with the strings of the bookmarks.