‘frii’ recycled plastic bike, designed by dror peleg

israeli design student dror peleg has designed ‘frii’ for for his degree at bezalel academy of art and design, jerusalem. focusing on the mass production of bicycles with limited resources, this single speed city bike is made with various recycled plastics using injection molding technology. compared to the construction of the traditional metal bicycle, this process is less labor-intensive and more accessible: it can be customized to characteristics of local industry– its abilities, advantages and disadvantages.

to construct ‘frii’, bearings are inserted into the mold before injecting, and tires are ‘full’ material, injected over the rims, making them ‘flat tire’-proof. the saddle is injected in different sizes to accommodate various heights of riders. this alternative material dictates a new aesthetic as well: ‘frii’ features smaller wheels, 20 inches in size, which calls for a shorter fork and adds strength. additional strength is created by plastic ribs, which are used throughout the design. the frame also includes a pyramid-shaped bottom by the crank for stability.

dror peleg: frii plastic bike 1:1 scale model of the bike

dror peleg: frii plastic bike 3/4 rear view

dror peleg: frii plastic bike 3/4 top view

dror peleg: frii plastic bike an enlarged main bar-frame hinge reduces pressure on the plastic

dror peleg: frii plastic bike cutaway look at the mechanics

dror peleg: frii plastic bike the design process lends itself easily to the custom specification of colours, and the durable 20-inch wheels are interchangeable

dror peleg: frii plastic bike recycled materials give strength to the bike’s structure

dror peleg: frii plastic bike concept behind the project

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