DS-88 sofa + DS 101 easy chair by alfredo haberli for de sede





de sede presents two seating designs by alfredo häberli on the occasion of IMM cologne 2014.


the leather ‘DS-101 easy chair’ has been conceived with a deep seat for sinking back and plunging into comfort. its formal qualities are derived from häberli’s reinterpretations of shapes found in automotive construction, featuring extended armrests echoing the sweeping wings reminiscent of a bugatti, and with the ergonomics and starting-grid pose that reflect the beauty of a classic sports car. the reduced form of the accompanying ottoman provides a resting place for a newspaper or glass.


the design of the generous easy chair draw on shapes found in automotive construction



the winged arm rests of the chair are influenced by those of a bugatti




‘DS-88’ sofa




the ‘DS-88’ is a sofa composition that transcends conventional standards. modular versatility is afforded even by its few elements – they can be arranged to form a sofa landscape, but are equally stunning when used individually.
whether ideally positioned for a longer duration or juggled ever anew, in rooms large or small, in the home or in public space, the ‘DS-88’ fits into every environment. häberli has reinterpreted established shapes from the existing de sede portfolio and collaborated with the swiss furniture maker to create a product whose lines exhibit genuine craftsmanship. devotion to detail is evident in the leather quilting with its invisible stitching. thanks to its clear-cut cubic form and unbeatable level of comfort, the sofa is equally appealing to look at and to relax in.


the modular components allow one to use them individually, or to create a full seating landscape


alfred häberli talks to designboom about the ideas behind the ‘DS-88’ sofa
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the ‘DS-88’ sofa on show at IMM cologne 2014
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image © designboom


view of häberli’s designs on display at the de sede booth at IMM cologne 2014
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alfredo häberli
portrait © designboom