dubai design week 2016 will present the ‘bottlelight’ – a UV water purifier and torch, developed by christoph kuppert and helena wendt at the bergische universität wuppertal in germany. 

dubai design week 2016 bottlelight designboom
the ‘bottlelight’ is both a UV water purifier and torch




the ‘bottlelight’ provides two essential must-haves: fresh water and light to campers and trekkers who have run out of supplies. in 60 seconds, the UV LEDs eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa in 1 litre of water. a USB port can charge the battery – for around 10 hrs/30 lumens – while the 45° reflector at the bottom provides a plain and glare-free light source – making the device perfect for use at night.


christoph kuppert and helena wendt will present the ‘bottlelight’ at the global grad show during dubai design week in october, from the 24th to the 29th.



the bottle attaches to a rucksack and other appliances 

dubai design week 2016 bottlelight designboom
in 60 seconds, the UV LEDs eliminate 99.9% of bacteria 

dubai design week 2016 bottlelight designboom







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