duffy london — the design studio whose dramatic and diverse body of work includes tables modeled after cross-sections of the sea, and hand-carved in homage to ancient architecture — continues to play with the concepts of weightlessness, geography and illusion with its latest release. ‘serenity’ is a single-piece console table that seemingly defies gravity, and toys with our visual perspective in a playful three-dimensional trompe l’oeil. drawing from the calm and composure of japanese rock gardens and cairn stones, ‘serenity’ invites contemplation and aims to create a sense of order from disorder in any home environment.

serenity console table 1



‘serenity’ is formed from three distinct blocks, each one made of a powder-coated mild steel, or highly polished stainless steel to create a mirrored reflective surface. the design team at duffy london, led by chris duffy, has balanced these vast geometric forms on top of each other to create a single, harmonious moment from an otherwise perilous dance.


‘I think that it is important to remind ourselves to have moments of stillness and quiet in our often-hectic day to day lives,’ says joe wonham, designer at duffy london. ‘serenity offers a chance to take a moment of reflection, to block out the outside world, and to draw focus from the point of balance.’ 

serenity console table 2
‘serenity’ console table — matte finish



the table offers pause for thought and reflection, refreshing the mind and imbuing its immediate surroundings with a momentary sense of harmony, balance and calm. duffy london offers ‘serenity’ — in two finishes; matte and mirror, and is limited to 20 editions. bespoke pieces and larger commissions are available on request. see more about ‘serenity’ in the video above, and on duffy london here.

serenity console table 3
‘serenity’ console table — mirrored finish

serenity console table 4

serenity console table 5

serenity console table 6
powder coated mild steel finish



project info:


name: serenity console table
designer: duffy london
materials: powder-coated mild steel with RAL colors and mirror polished stainless steel
dimensions: (L) 150cm x (W) 48cm x (H) 85cm



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