duffy london has designed a flat-packed, multi-use mobile habitat that can be used for everything from disaster relief and first-aid, to exploration and glamping. with practicality, accessibility, and functionality at its core, ‘shelter’ arrives as a set of walls, floor, legs, roof, windows, hatches, hinges — all of which can be quickly and easily assembled into a comfortable, colorful, and usable dwelling.




shelter can be assembled in less than an hour using only a screwdriver, providing a robust structural solution for disaster relief and first-aid support in an emergency. the duffy london-designed mobile unit is supplied flat-packed for compactness, with 35 shelters able to fit in a standard transit van. available in a number of bespoke finishes using wood from forestry stewardship council managed forests and other controlled sources, the units can be customized in a range of vibrant colors, or patterned in a more discreet camouflage print. additionally, duffy london has designed ‘shelter’ to be easily converted into a caravan trailer, so users can attach built units to the back of their car and get a good night’s sleep wherever they may find themselves.