duncan shotton drives tiny remote control pop-up shop in harajuku
all images courtesy of duncan shotton



british designer duncan shotton brings his ‘real boy pins’ to the streets of harajuku, tokyo, on display in a the ‘remote control pop-up shop’ that zips around the bustling metropolis. the pinnochio-style thumb tacks — previously featured at the designboom mart tokyo in 2012 — which fix themselves to a corkboard surface with their long, pointed noses, are sold in sets of two and boxed in a tiny transparent case. shotton’s second in the series of public interventions celebrates the uniqueness and limited quantity of the playful design items, as only 100 of the 1000 edition packs remain. the miniature mobile unit that carts the objects around town is built from a cardboard structure, fabricated around a small remote control toy car. take a look at the video below, where the pint-sided pop-up rides the escalator, zooms around the pavement and flaunts the real boy pins on the harajuku streets.


remote-control shop
video courtesy of duncan shotton

shotton takes to the streets of japan with the remote control pop-up shop

the miniature shop sells shotton’s ‘real boy pins’

driving the tiny mobile unit around town

the pop-up shop hits the urban streets

‘real boy pins’ for sale

the construction is built using a remote control toy car and cardboard