duncan shotton abducts dirt from your hands with UFO soap pump
all photos by kaboomi studio




add a bit of ‘space’ to your kitchen or bathroom, with british designer duncan shotton‘s UFO soap pumps, launching at this year’s designboom mart from october 25th – november 3rd, 2014 during tokyo design week 2014. by pushing down on the spaceship hull, a single portion of soap to scrub your hands or detergent to clean your dishes is dispensed. designed in collaboration with entrex inc., the spacecraft soap dispenser — complete with tractor beams — is available in two versions and in either yellow or blue, with either a human or cow caught mid-abduction.

duncan shotton U.F.O soap pump
a cow caught mid-abduction in the tractor beam of the soap dispenser

duncan shotton U.F.O soap pump
the blue dispenser features a cow decal being swept into space

yellow and blue color variations

duncan shotton U.F.O soap pump

duncan shotton U.F.O soap pump
the yellow dispenser features a human being sucked into the UFO

duncan shotton U.F.O soap pump
the products can be used as in the kitchen or bathroom