DuPont™ Corian® forms the dramatic backdrop and furniture for the ‘permanent’ collection in rio de janeiro’s newly opened museu do amanhã. with its advanced surface, unique design and cutting-edge technology, corian® has been transformed into a range of highly innovative pieces. including the ‘cosmos’, ‘tomorrow’s tables’ and ‘churinga base’ models, and the museum’s logo and service counters, the work looks to the future and how humans are shaping it.

the ‘churinga base’ was fabricated in DuPont™ Corian® before being treated by with raw clay




the ‘churinga base’, located in the museum’s ‘we’ space, encourages reflection and deep consideration on what we will leave and pass on for future generations. measuring 240cm in diameter and 55cm in height, the australian aborigine artefact is an endless tool that connects the past to the future. the flattened circular design was fabricated in DuPont™ Corian® and afterwards treated by artist mana bernardes with raw clay painting and handwriting. this helps give it a more rustic appearance and eternalizes the knowledge of previous generations to create a legacy for the future.

the ‘cosmos’ are decorated in a nocturne color




resembling a black egg, the ‘cosmos’ pieces house huge monolithic areas inside that provide an immersive experience for museu do amanhã visitors. at 20 meters long, 14m wide and 11m high, the DuPont™ Corian® creations has space for 200 people to interact with a sensory journey through the universe. this virtual tour propels guests through galaxies, into subatomic worlds of elementary particles, to the very heart of the sun, and observes how the earth and its life began.

there are six ‘cosmic horizons’ tables in the space




as part of this immersive experience, the ‘cosmic horizons’ which is comprised of six interactive tables, form a deep connection with museum visitors, showing further aspects of the universe. fabricated in Corian®, the 130cm diameter tables are vacuum molded, with precise oval cuts, and feature built-in monitors and reading slots.

the large elliptical-shaped structure feature entry and exit tunnels


the ‘tomorrow’s tables’ place the visitor as an agent for constructing the future of our world




created in a similar way as the ‘cosmic horizons’, the ‘tomorrow’s tables’ total three geometrically-shaped models that each have different dimensions. they all harness a metal frame that supports the Corian® elements and also their multiple screens. these monitors alternate between showing a collection of trends and scenarios, and interactive activities that enable users to form the future of our world. by using the advance surface and flexible construction material, single and continuous pieces have been formed. this lends itself to helping create a seamless visitor experience, where users have creative freedom and custom choices.

they are the focus of the ‘tomorrow’ theme which unfolds in an ‘origami’ shaped area


the service counters feature geometric shapes that are also made in DuPont™ Corian®




also made in DuPont™ Corian® but in the glacier white tone, the museu do amanhã’s service counters and visual communications employs over 400 letters and identification icons. included in this is the main logo, which is composed of 300 Corian® pieces and decorated in 11 different colors. this bright and attractive sign was influenced by the globally-played sticks game.

the letters and icons take charge of the museum’s visual communications






the newly opened museu do amanhã, translated to the ‘museum of tomorrow’, was designed by spanish architect santiago calatrava. see designboom’s coverage of its opening in december 2015, in rio de janeiro, brazil.

a close-up of the main logo that sources its design from the sticks game