dymitr malcew creates second edition of treehouse modular furniture
all images courtesy of dymitr malcew




for ‘treehouse 2’, the second edition of the popular treehouse-inspired furniture (previously featured on designboom here), architect dymitr malcew has developed a new and modular structure that provides diverse working settings, maximum flexibility and encourages collaboration. in this new edition, workplaces become totally open environments that can still supply focused and uninterrupted work, quiet discussions or a place to take phone calls. ‘treehouse 2’ was designed to create psychological comfort rather than physical boundaries; the thick fabric cushions help with sound absorption and improve the overall acoustics in the office space. 

dymitr malcew tree house
‘tree house 2’ allows for different configurations that respond to the work’s needs




still referencing the form of a tree house like its predecessor, this furniture is ideal for coworking spaces that involve individual and group work. a wide variety of configurations are possible due to the structures standing on wheels that allow easy mobility. ‘tree house 2’ can be used as an open discussion forum, as a semi-closed meeting space or just for focused and quiet work. the material selection of timber mixed with soft fabrics makes this modular office a more human and fun space to work in.

dymitr malcew tree house
a closed configuration brings privacy that is enhanced by the thick fabric cushions that help with sound absorption  



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom