the light and airy ‘shiko wien’ bed for miniforms evokes the japanese ‘tatami’ mattress 


italian studio e-ggs was commissioned by manufacturing brand miniforms to design the light and airy ‘shiko wien’ bed. with its characteristic wooden structure and vienna straw headboard, the bed evokes japan’s traditional ‘tatami’ mattress, raised here on four specular legs to tone down its static appearance and give it a refreshing form. 

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‘shiko’ headboard evolution: from solid and plumpy to weightless and natural 


e-ggs (see more here) presents the ‘shiko wien’ bed for miniforms (see more here) as the latest variation of its ‘shiko’ series launched a few years back. the previous designs — ‘magnum’ and ‘wonder’ — emphasize strength and stability, while ‘wien’ embraces weightlessness. the studio has dictated those differences by endowing each variation with a particular headboard design: square for ‘magnum’ and plump for ‘wonder’.


for ‘wien’, however, e-ggs has shaped the headboard using the intricate vienna straw technique — creating a light, airy, and natural character for the first time in the series.pairing japanese design with viennese craft: the ‘shiko wien’ bed by e-ggs for miniforms



here, vienna straw is combined with solid ash — both available in natural and black finishes — to further highlight the organic and gentle accents defining the ‘shiko wien’ bed. according to e-ggs, the perforated and deflated appearance of the headboard also favors light and shadow plays —  a detail that can ‘lend character to every room in the home.’

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project info:


name: shiko wien bed
design: e-ggs

client: miniforms



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