e-waste repurposed as complex pieces of jewelry
all photos courtesy of marcele godoy




each year nearly 50 million tons of e-waste is generated globally. elle e-waste jewelry, seeks to bring attention to the wasteful character of abject consumerism by creating works of jewelry from discarded electronics. each piece was sourced from her time spent as an artist in residence at the lower east sides electronics recycling facility. the series seeks to find value in what is otherwise viewed as waste. complex weaving techniques and the employment electronics in novel ways, creates desirable objects of sustainable art.

ewaste fashion7
the width of the cables and corresponding flexibility dictate the type of knot

e-waste jewelry
e-waste jewelry necklaces employs USB plugs as clasps

e-waste jewelry
e-waste jewelry creates clasps from USB ports

e-waste jewelry
the double coin knot presents a sophisticated weaving pattern

e-waste jewelry
two woven audio cords connect in the back






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