have you ever wondered what space looks like? feels like? smells like? you can find out the latter one with eau de space, a new perfume that is currently running a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring that outer space smell down to earth. developed by steve pearce — chemist and founder of omega ingredients — the scent was originally created to help astronauts train before launching into space.


some decades ago, NASA asked scent specialists to develop the smell of space to help train astronauts before launch into orbit. the goal of this endeavor was to simulate space during training and like that, eliminate any surprises astronauts might experience in outer space — practice makes perfect, they say. the formula of the scent was kept secret for many years until the eau de space team was able to get their hands on it.




some astronauts have described the smell of space as ‘seared steak, raspberries and rum.’  on an interview in 2002 to CNN, astronaut and former resident of the international space station was a bit more ample when saying that, ‘it’s kind of like a smell from a gun, right after you fire the shot, I think it kind of has almost a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned.’


the eau de space team, which boasts fashion, tech, design and logistics experience, has partnered with award-winning perfumers to create a fragrance that sparks curiosity while leading to an increased interest in STEM (science, technology, engineer, mathematics) students grades K-12. the company is ready to manufacture the smell, and they’re currently looking for the minimum order quantity. after that, they can bottle and ship the perfume directly to anyone, including schools. richmond also said that their next scent will probably take you to the moon.


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project info:


name: eau de space

created by: steve pearce

kickstarter campaign: here