‘eau good water bottle’ by black + blum all images courtesy of black + blum




stay hydrated and cool down this summer with ‘eau good’, a water bottle and integrated filter by london-based designers black + blum. a stick of binchotan active charcoal, a material in use to purify water since 17th century japan, reduces the chlorine content and neutralizes the pH of tap water. the lock-in-place filter is made with wood that is sustainably sourced and fired inside a kiln for a long time at a low temperature. upon reaching 1000 degrees celsius, the charred specimens are removed and coated with an earthen powder of sand and ash, turning them immediately white. the combined heating and rapid cooling process removes any remaining bark from the objects to reveal a smooth surface and hard composition, capable of producing metallic sounds.


eau good tap water bottle by black + blum cork cap is removed and tap water is poured into the BPA-free tritan bottle




the porous exterior is comprised of tiny cavities, inherently increasing the surface area of active carbon which attract contaminant ions. this process releases calcium, iron and magnesium into the water for positive taste and health benefits. filters last up to three months with daily use and may be revived for an additional three months by boiling in water for ten minutes and drying in sunlight. any flecks of charcoal released into the water are harmless and safe to drink, also serving as treatment for digestion or flatulence. after the filters life cycle is complete, the sticks may be broken up and added to plant soil for nutrients or as a deodorizer for garbage cans or cat litter. this product will encourage the use of tap water, improving the taste and minimizing the need for plastic bottles as the vessel’s portable and user-friendly shape is made from unbreakable BPA-free tritan.

eau good tap water bottle by black + blum (left): charcoal stick is separate from the bottle (right): charcoal stick inside the bottle and locked into place


eau good tap water bottle by black + blum (left): tap water poured into the bottle with filter (right): filled bottle begins the filtering of water

eau good tap water bottle by black + blum the entire color series


eau good tap water bottle by black + blum scale of bottles


eau good tap water bottle by black + blum label