‘jump’ by ECAL/guillaume sasseville (canada) – skipping rope with silver handles

the students of the master in design and luxury industry of the ECAL / university of arts and design lausanne have worked on the theme of birth and baby gifts for the french silverware manufacturer christofle. christofle is traditionally associated with christening gifts such as engraved spoons or cups. here the students from around the world were asked to come with a new take on the subject. with the help of swiss designer xavier perrenoud, the students developed ideas for objects that would use silver in an up-to-date way, but at the same time, create durable objects that can be kept throughout one’s life.

these projects are exhibited for designer’s days in paris in the christofle showroom, 9 rue royale until june 20th, 2011. some of the objects will be added to the christofle collection.

ECAL x christofle ‘hochet’ by ECAL / fiona pender (scotland) – rattle with a Victorian mosaic that shows the silver bell inside

ECAL x christofle ‘abracadabra’ by ECAL / romain lagrange (france) – the star changes the pencil into a magic wand

ECAL x christofle ‘loupe’ by ECAL / jérémy murier (france) – a box with a magnifying glass to observe and discover nature

ECAL x christofle ‘metre’ by ECAL / elsa lambinet (france) – a wall tape for measuring and writing down the child’s height every year

ECAL x christofle ‘slide’ ECAL / decha archjananun (thailand) – a reinterpretation of a money-box: the coin rolls along the slide

ECAL x christofle ‘pile ou face’ by ECAL / jérémy murier (france) – a personalized token with a frontwards monogram for heads and a backwards monogram for tails

ECAL x christofle ‘samare’ by ECAL / jessica terrapon (switzerland) – a music box to accompany the child to sleep

ECAL x christofle ‘bells’ by ECAL / daniel martinez (spain) – rattles influenced by musical instruments

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