eclipse is a modern day rickshaw by kenneth cobonpue





today, the rickshaw still remains one of the primary means of transportation for millions of people in asian and south american cities; while also acting as a green alternative for tourists to explore cities such as new york. considering its continued prominence, kenneth cobonpue has envisioned a more hi-tech version of the rickshaw typology. the filipino designer’s three-wheeled ‘eclipse’ takes its formal considerations from the image of bicycle spokes. the structural framework is made from aluminium, with a woven recyclable polyethylene shell of repeating circles that forms the carriage, covered by an insulated acrylic fabric. additional elements such as the handlebars, headrests and seats all have the feel of leather, but are in fact made from a hand-stitched weather poof alternative. what sets ‘eclipse’ apart from other rickshaws are the unexpected luxuries such as an iPhone docking base, speakers, cup holders, a cooling fan, and panels on either side for more privacy.


kenneth cobonpue has been awarded the 2014 ‘designer of the year’ title of maison & objet asia. designboom is travelling to singapore for the fair, so stay tuned for our coverage of the event!

kenneth cobonpue eclipse trishaw deignboom
‘eclipse’ takes its visual cues from bicycle spokes


kenneth cobonpue eclipse trishaw deignboom
the carriage is comprised of an aluminium frame, rounded out by a woven recyclable polyethylene shell


a modern day rickshaw