edible sugar glasses by fernando laposse




using a combination of kitchen crafts and basic industrial manufacturing processes, the ‘edible sugar glasses’ by mexican designer fernando laposseimplement the use of 100% roto-moulded melted sugar drinking vessels. taking form influences from murano glass art and cinema break away glass props.you swirl the glass and in a dramatic gesture — reminiscent of enjoying fine liquor, the glass starts to slowly dissolve, to progressively render the content sweeter.



fernando laposse edible sugar glassesthe object dissolves into a lollipop



the process of making a sugar glass



fernando laposse edible sugar glassessugar glass detail



fernando laposse edible sugar glasses‘edible sugar glasses’ by fernando laposse



sugar glass meltdown



fernando laposse edible sugar glassesan earlier version had a mash support for the sugar glasses



during the research, the models were refined — from the first model which used a lollypop, to the second which uses a copper mesh holder, to the third and final model which is completely made out of sugar.‘I have also designed cocktails especially to go with the glasses for instance, what would be a mojito minus soda and sugar, the result is a very strong and bitter cocktail which gets its sweetness from the glass.‘  fernando laposse says.



fernando laposse edible sugar glassespouring liquor into vessels



one of the main challenges of the project was to preserve the glasses long enough in order to make big batches (around 300 glasses in 4 days) and to be transported and shipped to planned events.



fernando laposse edible sugar glassesprocess



to assure this the designer created a packaging which could shield the glass form humidity. by creating a protective bubble around it (image above), he found out that this solution helps to preserve the glasses in good conditions for up to 6 weeks.



fernando laposse edible sugar glassessilicone rotation mould



fernando laposse edible sugar glassesa visual sequence of actions needed to create the sugar glasses



fernando laposse edible sugar glassespaper prototypes of various glass typologies


the work is part of an exhibition ‘the food project. the shape of taste‘ curated by beppe finessi at the MaRT/ museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di trento e rovereto. the show presents the art of industrial projects and experimental design applied to food. open to public from february 9 to june 2, 2013.