‘alchemy-X’, the first sneaker by austria-based start-up effekt footwear, contains more than 90% ocean plastic, and recycled fashion industry waste. on a mission to clean the planet and to create everyday footwear that leaves a positive footprint, the designers launch the first model to the market. after spending 18 months researching materials and designs, they sought to create ‘the world’s most rubbish sneakers’, blending modern-day alchemy with upcycled waste materials. effekt footwear launches 'the world's most rubbish sneaker' made 90% of wasteall images courtesy of effekt footwear

‘alchemy-Χ’ is made from 90% recycled material



inspired by medieval chemists trying to turn scrap metal into gold, effekt footwear tap into ’21st century alchemy’ to turn waste materials into sneakers. beyond creating sustainable sneakers, the designers aim to create value from waste products while promoting the circular economy. constructed from reclaimed ocean plastic, recovered footwear industry waste, and recycled textiles, the sneakers are hand-made in portugal, merging new world materials with old-world handcraft.effekt footwear launches 'the world's most rubbish sneaker' made 90% of wasteplastic bottles from the ocean and waste from the portuguese footwear industry are turned into low impact footwear



essentially, this project is a social experiment into consumer sentiment regarding the reuse of materials to create highly desirable products. the start-up wishes to re-purpose more than 1000 kg of waste through their first crowdfunding campaign with an aim of promoting upcycling as a legitimate purpose in the fashion and footwear industry.effekt footwear launches 'the world's most rubbish sneaker' made 90% of wastepromoting the circular economy through the ‘effekt collekt’ take-back program with end-of-life sneakers the world's most rubbish sneakers by effekt footwear are made of 90% wasteinspired by medieval alchemists, they use ’21st century alchemy’ to turn waste material into sneakers



project info:


name: alchemy-X

designer: effekt footwear



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