efneo 3-speed front gearbox provides a simpler and quicker bike ride
images courtesy of efneo




knowing that a simple, enjoyable ride can make an incredible difference for a cyclist’s commute, the ‘efneo’, developed by the migaszewski family business, is a 3-speed front gearbox that shifts gear much more quickly. this sleek solution features an efficient and light chainring which rotates at three different velocities on each gear, and replaces the old, pesky and ugly front derailleur. its gaps are not too big, yet not too small, making it ideal for single-pace riders who desire a comfortable journey. the invention, from stefan migaszewski, is easy to install and is the only 3-speed system on the market, as all others are either 2-speed or require a specific frame, and is seeking funding to develop it further, through its indiegogo campaign.


commuting with the easy-to-install front gearbox
video courtesy of efneo


the device is the only 3-speed system on the market


the one chainring rotates at three different speeds on each separate gear




the black colored front gearbox


the white version of the bicycle product




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