considering the lack of egg management devices that are available in today’s market, designers seungyeon lee, dooyoung yang,  junghyun ahn, and suyeon hwang, have introduced the ‘eggbox’ refrigerator. aiming to help consumers keep their eggs organized and safe, ‘eggbox’ targets freshness and hygiene at the same time. worlds first egg refrigerator 1



‘eggbox’ maintains an optimum temperature of 41 fahrenheit and humidity of 70% so that the eggs can be kept in the best condition and can be tasted fresh at any time. in addition, it protects against harmful substances that can be found on eggshells by conducting UV sterilization care. a smart egg rail uses dynamics, allowing eggs to flow smoothly but securely along while letting users take the eggs out safely without breaking. this smart rail also highlights the freshness dates with different lighting colors, making it intuitive for consumers to recognize the expired eggs.

worlds first egg refrigerator 2
the mini-home bar made of silicone mimics the shape of the chicken nest, wrapping the eggs comfortably



the innovative design features two doors: a sliding one to put the eggs in, and a mini-home bar to take them out. the mini-home bar is finished in silicon so that it protects eggs from breaking. the ‘eggbox’ project was conceived based on the rice straw nest concept. in a way, with this product, one can experience the feeling of taking out fresh eggs from a hen early in the morning. the refrigerator can store up to 30 eggs to meet various users’ purchase patterns.


worlds first egg refrigerator 3
the smart egg rail using dynamics can secure the egg’s base and allow the egg to flow smoothly



influenced by constructivism, the lines and faces of the design were emphasized, generating a refined look with modern materials. furthermore, ‘eggbox’ can create the atmosphere of the kitchen with any color you want. the front part can be changed to any color and material to suit your preference. in this way, the item can easily change the whole atmosphere in the kitchen while keeping the eggs fresh. 


worlds first egg refrigerator 4
the ‘eggbox’ provides healthy eggs due to the UV sterilization system



apart from the refrigerator device, ‘eggbox’ offers a complete farm-to-door fresh egg delivery service. customers can pick from a wide range of different egg packages imprinted with a special barcode, which you can scan through the ‘eggbox’ application, and check the status of the products, see which farm they came from, and even check information on how each farm is being managed. 

worlds first egg refrigerator 5
the front part of the ‘eggbox’ can be changed in color and material, according to your preference

worlds first egg refrigerator 6
the ‘eggbox’ refrigerator features detachable legs, which can be removed to fit the device onto your kitchen counter

worlds first egg refrigerator 7

worlds first egg refrigerator 8
the size of the ‘eggbox’



project info:



name: eggbox / refrigerator for eggs
designers: seungyeon lee, dooyoung yang, junghyun ahn, suyeon hwang



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