the minimalistic design of the recharge terminals by eliumstudio allow them to translate well as domestic objects images courtesy of schneider electric and eliumstudio

france-based eliumstudio has designed two recharge terminals for electric vehicles as a response to the needs of domestic users.

developed for schneider electric, the stations – one which was designed for residential applications, the other for service stations – have a simplistic interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. both designs effectively relay the values associated with eco-conscious electric technology: clean, simple, comfortable.

the residential recharge terminal, which is compact and wall hung to accommodate the often confined environments of a garage, communicates softly through LED lights. the gentle pulsating light indicates the status of the charge, whether the unit is off, charging or fully charged. the terminal transmits the charge over a period of 8-10 hours making it ideal for homeowners who can leave their car to charge overnight.

alternatively, the rapid charge terminal designed for use at service stations offers high speed recharging within 15 minutes. eliumstudio aimed to design a unit that would visually relate to the ‘clean technology’ of its product. by concealing the mechanical components and sockets the overall appearance renders itself safe and approachable to the user.

the electric recharge terminal is on show at the saint-étienne biennale 2010.

eliumstudio for schneider electric the oscillating LED lights indicate and monitor the status of the charge

eliumstudio for schneider electric the absensce of information on the interface allows the terminal to be both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly

eliumstudio for schneider electric electric components are discretely located on one side of the terminal

eliumstudio for schneider electric the design and simplicity of the rapid recharge station is instantly recognized at a traditional fuel station