two years in the making for the reusable tableware


eliumstudio and Mcdonald’s France design and churn out a range of reusable tableware first for the fast-food chain, then in hopes of reducing packaging waste brought about by restaurants and diners. It took two years for the Paris-based design studio to come up with the design alongside hundreds of drawings, mock-ups, and prototypes.


The challenge they took on was to match the icons and elements of their reusable tableware to the ones they would replace, all while ensuring that they would be recyclable and sturdy. The range of reusable tableware for Mcdonald’s is complete from the french fries containers and salad bows to sauce boxes and cold- and hot-drinks cups.


Two years then comprised every piece of tableware possible that frequent Mcdonald’s customers use in their often swing-bys to the fast-food chain. Along with the thoroughly detailed features of the tableware, including the ridges in the french fries containers, the design team also focused on shapes and materials that enhance the tasting experience and the feel qualities of the wares they are holding.

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
images courtesy of eliumstudio



Eliumstudio and mcdonald’s pick plastic resin


To create the range, eliumstudio settled on Tritan, a BPA-free plastic resin that is similar to glass and ceramic with its hardness and transparency. The design team says that its properties can help preserve the taste qualities of the food and retain the taste without mixing in fragments, chips, or debris flushing out of the material.


With these in mind, frequent customers do not need to worry whether any plastic remnants would infiltrate their Mcdonald’s meals. The long-term collaboration between eliumstudio and Mcdonald’s France has resulted in a series of reusable tableware that visually evokes simplicity and functionality in design. The set is designed to offer an enriched experience to customers while meeting the operational constraints of Mcdonald’s restaurants.


Vents, graining, and striations – all have been considered in the design process to address their functions in the best possible way. eliumstudio has not yet disclosed the rollout of the series, but has already released snipped of the reusable tableware on their Instagram feed.

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
the overall design process took two years

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
the design team wanted to make sure Mcdonald’s signature look is retained

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
plastic resin is the primary material for the range

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
fries resin-based container

eliumstudio mcdonald's reusable tableware
reusable cups sizes



project info:


name: Mcdonald’s reusable tableware

designer: eliumstudio

company: Mcdonald’s France