‘silver art’ electric jug this jug has a 2200 w element that holds up to 1,7 litres of water

french group eliumstudio have created the ‘silver art’ collection for german appliance company rowenta. the breakfast set is composed of five pieces – espresso machine, coffee percolator, toaster, electric jug and juice extractor – enacting subtle crossovers from kitchenware to tableware. each item is made with brushed stainless steel and wood.   eliumstudio: 'silver art' for rowenta ‘silver art’ juice extractor dual-rotation cone with automatic start by slight pressure makes extracting juice easy and efficient

eliumstudio: 'silver art' for rowenta ‘silver art’ coffee percolator functional features include double water level for filling the exposed reservoir, integrated filter support and back-lit on/off monitor with automatic stop

eliumstudio: 'silver art' for rowenta ‘silver art’ toaster this toaster includes an electronic thermostat (six settings) and a de-freeze function