the blood pressure monitor functions simply when connected to one’s iPhone, iPad or iPod…

paris-based eliumstudio has designed the first device to transform your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a blood pressure tracker. developed for new french company withings, the design consists of a blood pressure monitor armband that remains inert until it comes to life. it functions simply when connected to one’s iPhone or iPad, iPod touch recording the measurements, calculating averages, tracing the graph of your blood pressure and making it easy to share your results with your doctor.

eliumstudio: withings blood pressure monitor

cased in soft leather, just place the band around your arm, and inflate with the touch of a button on your phone etc. here, embedded technical components are simplified, allowing eliumstudio to develop a device that is pared down with an advanced digital program, with white and green color codes meant to embody ‘health’.

eliumstudio: withings blood pressure monitor the device is compact and can easily be stored when not in use

according to your doctor’s advice, take a couple of measurements in automatic mode. at the end of the test, your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and your pulse are displayed, automatically recorded. it is also important to know at what time of day your readings have been taken. so with this in mind, withings’ application allows those accounts taken in the morning to be separated from those recorded in the evening, allowing you to compare relevant data. it is also recommended that you take readings at home in a calm environment. whether on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or web browser, your blood pressure data is accessible and recorded securely so that you can track your tension anywhere at anytime. and, if you need to send results with the doctor, simply press one button and you can send your data by e-mail.

the blood pressure monitor is on show at the ‘objet(s) du numérique, design d’un nouveau monde industrial’, exhibition at the lieu du design in paris from may 18th to july 23rd, 2011.