emmanuellemoureaux sets 100 colors no.9 against backdrop of tokyo’s zojoji temple
all images by  daisuke shima / nacasa & partners




continuing with her annual installation series of injecting vibrancy into an urban space, this year emmanuelle moureaux has set 100 colors with a backdrop of the historical zojoji temple in tokyo. following the same concept of the previous installations in 2013 and 2014, this time, the work has been compressed into just a space measuring 3.3 square meters. stipulated by creating a more immersive piece, people are invited to lie back and watch the 100 delicate, colored tassels sway with the wind.

people are encouraged to lie down and interact with the fluttering and delicate strands




the stand-alone piece is composed of a simple, white framed structure with a tatami-lined platform for sitting or lying on. the dyed, thin papers are arranged tight knit; appearing like a single, colored entity from a distance but eventually emerging as a soft stream of hues on approach. as users sit or lie back, the sound of the rustling paper, combined with the passing sky aims to invoke a sense of engagement and peacefulness.

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02the installation is set with a backdrop of the recognized tokyo tower and zojoji temple

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02the title indicates the number of hues the designer has integrated into the work

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02the platform features tatami mats for sitting or lying on

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02colors are organized close together, fluttering with the wind

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02the installation measures at 3.3 square meters

emmanuella-moureaux-100-colors-no-9-3.3m-installation-tokyo-designboom-02from a distance, the compact colors appear as a single entity




100 colors no.9 / zojoji temple by emmanuelle moureaux