enter projects asia reveals the design and realization of its ‘project rattan’ furniture exhibition space at rivercity, the new arts and culture hub in bangkok. using their signature geometries, enter projects asia facilitated the fusion of 3D technologies with local thai craftsmanship to bring nature to an urban context. all elements of the project are crafted from a material palette of natural rattan, resulting in a space of captivating calmness, cloaked in quiet contentment — an oasis of tranquility amongst the chaos of bangkok. the exhibition follows the completion of enter projects’ spice & barley bar and lounge which sees a similar use of undulating geometries realized entirely in natural rattan.

enter projects rattan
images by william barrington-binns



the project rattan exhibition for rivercity bangkok is realized as a continuation of enter projects‘ signature style, hybridizing digital technology with traditional arts & crafts. the enter projects team sought to incorporate natural, renewable rattan by generating free-flowing liquid geometries to showcase a new wave in eco-design using renewable materials to create functional furniture masterpieces. by fusing high tech and low tech, they bring the viewer beautiful, bespoke furniture that is ethically made, toxic free and custom designed. 

enter projects rattan



during the creation of ‘project rattan,’ the team at enter projects worked directly with local craftsmen. founder patrick keane sought to preserve the history of thai traditional arts and crafts while in turn supporting the local economy and protecting the environment. in a market that is saturated with cheaper, inferior, and imported plastic products, project rattan has built a bridge for designers to connect with factory workers locally in rattan and bamboo crafts. with the exhibition, the design team continues to transform the space with undulating and natural geometries in each direction, immersing the visitor in its work.

enter projects rattan enter projects rattan enter projects rattan enter projects rattan  enter projects rattan



project info:


project title: project rattan

architecture: enter projects

location: rivercity, bangkok, thailand

client: rivercity bangkok

completion: february 2020

photography: william barrington-binns