as an outdoor furniture brand, ethimo has always looked to nature to enhance their designs. the ‘rafael’ collection, which debuts at milan design week 2019, evokes their philosophy of life in the open air yet does so in a new, unexpected way. its armchair, day bed and tables are exotic, special and, above all else, natural. they were designed by paola navone who reinterpreted the aesthetic of distant landscapes into the furniture.


a family of seating solutions for any time of day, for your morning coffee, a snooze in the shade or a gin and tonic at sunset,says paola navone,rafael is sturdy, comfortable and friendly. its destructured shape is almost tribal. the slats that form the backrest are all different and held together by big metal staples. this woody, organic shell forms a soft nest of cushions. we have dedicated rafael to a very special home.

exotic landscapes shape ethimo rafael collection by paola navone
all images courtesy of ethimo



the exoticism of the ethimo ‘rafael’ collection brings alive any outdoor space. it generates new living experience by arousing sensations of well-being in body and mind. this is through a unique personality derived from its design, materials and decoration. the collection of lounge furnishings – armchair, day bed and coffee table – can be used together or stand-alone. each one, however, has been crafted from a mixture of teak, upholstery, marble and even lava stone.

exotic landscapes shape ethimo rafael collection by paola navone



the rough beauty of its materials and the natural impression of its multi-faceted shapes are most apparent in the collection’s armchair. it is distinctive with an unusual, strong hexagon framed backrest made of alternating slats. the sturdy, welcoming and organic structure of the wood shell holds a soft alcove of cushions within. this comforting yet vibrant charisma is created through contrasts in form and colors refined by its texture. the model is also available with a built-in coffee table.

exotic landscapes shape ethimo rafael collection by paola navone



the coffee tables are also available in different sizes as well as shapes. with legs that match the whole collection, the designs combine wood with the solid texture of their smooth tops, which are crafted from statue marble or enamelled lava stone reminiscent of the sea. the pieces complete the collection as a range of elegant, versatile solutions. their combinations of materials, forms and influences merge harmoniously for the outdoors.



product info:


name: rafael

brand: ethimo

designer: paola navone