to celebrate world earth day, the amsterdam footwear brand ETQ launches a minimalistic capsule collection made from WATER ZERO® ripstop — a 100% recycled polyester fabric. caring for the planet is key to the brand’s design philosophy and raising sustainability about waste within footwear design is part of their sustainable pledge.

etq launches earth day water zero collection 1
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ETQ’s water zero capsule collection consists of the classic low top 1 silhouette and a matching tote bag. the collection is made in partnership with italian fabric innovator majocchi; a reference point for innovation and performance since 1941. this like-minded approach to craftsmanship and sustainability made the collaboration an obvious one.

amsterdam footwear brand launches earth day water zero capsule collection



traditional dyeing techniques require a lot of water and in a world where water supplies are in fast decline, caring for water has become part of ETQ’s sustainable pledge. WATER ZERO® not only reduces its water use by more than 60% in the dyeing process, but it’s also more energy-efficient; reducing its overall energy impact by more than 80%.

amsterdam footwear brand launches earth day water zero capsule collection



patrick van der woude, the creative director at ETQ states that they are constantly pushing sustainability boundaries within the design process and that saving water throughout the production process is vital. ‘we’re tapping into the latest innovations to spearhead the sustainability revolution. it’s these kinds of sustainable hacks that inspire us to go above and beyond in our designs’. this technical evolution has resulted in a sleek sneaker with minimal stitching. the absence of seams makes it lean, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear.



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name: water zero collection

designer: patrick van der woude


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