eugeni quitllet on his collaboration with kartell for 2015




eugeni quitllet pays tribute to president of kartell claudio luti, with a chair that expresses the capabilities of plastic production, for which the italian company is known for. ‘cloud-io’ is a play on luti’s name and speaks to a new approach to design, stepping away from what is physical, and deconstructing furniture down to a culmination of elements — light, water, air — rather than materials. quitllet has envisioned ‘cloud-io’ as a composition of ‘monocles’ that stands as a symbol of visual and physical lightness, ‘bringing voids to the forefront. designing the surrounding air rather than the material itself. sculpting emptiness, air and light to create new objects from it…’.


designboom speaks with eugeni quitllet at the kartell stand during salone del mobile 2015, who discusses the technological challenges he dealt with in realizing the collection of pieces:


designboom with eugeni quitllet
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‘cloud-io’ chair is a composition of elements, rather than a solid material

the design of ‘vase-o’ follows an approach similar to the ‘cloud-io’ chair




similarly, the catalan designer’s ‘vase-o’ for kartell takes these monocles to form a vessel that is vaporous and glimmering in its appearance. ‘its drops assemble harmoniously to give shape  to a chair, a table or a vase.’

‘dream-air’ chair by eugeni quitllet for kartell




alongside ‘cloud-io’ and ‘vase-o’ is ‘dream-air’, conceived with the same meandering elegance. it is characterized by its opaque framework, in which a transparent shell of plastic is draped over it to complete the seating piece. ‘like a scarf in the wind, a dream suspended in air. ‘dream-air’ is a simple framework that captures the beauty of the body’s curve sitting in space.’

‘dream-air’ chair is characterized by an opaque framework, paired with a transparent seat shell that drapes over it

‘dream-air’ chair offers a visual lightness
‘cloud-io’ chair by eugeni quitllet presented at the kartell stand during milan design week 2015
image © designboom
‘cloud-io’ chair
image © designboom
the stackable ‘cloud-io’ chair is a composition of monocles
image © designboom

‘vase-ô’ vase
image © designboom
‘vase-ô’ vase follows a design approach similar to that of the ‘cloud-io’ chair
image © designboom
‘dream-air’ chair at the kartell stand during milan design week
image © designboom
detail of the ‘dream-air’ chair
image © designboom