eugeni quitllet presents tube chair for mobles 114 during maison et objet




the ‘tube’ chair for mobles 114 is the ‘best example of the materialization of an idea‘, says its designer eugeni quitllet. presented during maison et objet 2015 as part of the 10/10 exhibition at MODA, the seating piece has a simple tubular frame that is available with or without arms, offering a simple profile that is structurally stable, connected to the seat pan at four points. the ‘tube’ chair is stackable, and is accompanied by a café table.

eugeni quitllet mobles 114 designboom
the chair is designed with a simple tubular structure 




through its weightlessness and tubular structure, the catalan creative shakes up modern design vocabulary to create a chair that expresses influences from marcel breuer and robert mallet-stevens. the ‘tube’ chair’s soft shapes reaffirm its industrial origin with lines that project a humanization of the object with a hint of humour. it appears as if it has been created freehand in space — a linear steel tube culminating into a polypropylene seat.eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_05
front view of the ‘tube’ chair without armrestseugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_06
3/4 view of the ‘tube’ chaireugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_07
  eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_09
top view which shows the simple bent framework of the tubular structureeugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_10
the frame is attached to the seat pan at four points




eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_11
‘tube’ table

eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_12
stackable ‘tube’ table

eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_04
the stackable ‘tube’ chair

eugeni quitllet_tube chair_ mobles 114_designboom_01
‘tube’ chair and table in context