eva hild puls gallery, brussels september 12th to october 10th, 2009

consecutive working, 2008 stoneware and mixed media, 130 x 130 x 90 cm all images courtesy of eva hild

as part of brussels design september, ceramicist eva hild will be exhibiting a range of her large scale sculptures at puls gallery. hild’s hand-built clay forms embody delicate continuously flowing entities in white thin built clay. they are bodies exposed to varying degrees of external and internal pressures. on one hand, they are masses in thin layers, running in meandering closed movements, and on the other hand they are empty space, airy and light forming volumes described by the contours of mass. they express a tension between presence and absence.

through hand-building, hild gradually builds up her sculptures, change their direction and make connections, making smooth surfaces all with the same thickness. when her forms are ready and the clay is dry, she sands away at the surface. pieces are fired twice at stoneware temperature 1200 degrees celsius and finally treated with silicate color.

eva hild: ceramic sculptures spread, 2008 stoneware, 75 x 70 x  30 cm

eva hild: ceramic sculptures single-track, 2008 stoneware, 95 x 65 x 78 cm

eva hild: ceramic sculptures bilateral, 2008 stoneware, 100 x 55 x 55 cm

eva hild: ceramic sculptures extension (wall), 2008 stoneware and mixed media, 260 x 100 x 300 cm