everblock modular bricks offer endless possibilities
all images courtesy of everblocks





everblock modular systems offers bricks which enables users to engage creatively with their surrounding. it’s swift and simple to build just about anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern or size. anything constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be reused to build other objects, making everblock a unique green building method. the company offers four blocks a full 12 inch block, a six inch half block, a three inch quarter block and a 12 inch finishing cap. 

everblock-life-sized-modular-building-block-designboom-02blocks made into a divider




president and founder, arnon rosan’s mission was to create a versatile and universal block that could be used to build anything from modular furniture, room dividers and even entire structures. drawing on consumer input, everblock continues to modify their product line to accommodate emerging needs, simultaneously increasing applications and utility.

everblock-life-sized-modular-building-block-designboom-03a wall extension


everblock-life-sized-modular-building-block-designboom-04a coffee table


everblock-life-sized-modular-building-block-designboom-052 by 4 block 


everblock-life-sized-modular-building-block-designboom-06CAD renderings of the block


everblockbig structures include bar support


everblockdinning room table 


everblockpresident and founder of everblocks arnon rosan