‘lul’ chair utilizes dynamic zero gravity position


gravity… without it, well, we wouldn’t survive. however, the impact of gravity on the human body can cause a wide range of uncomfortable burdens. seeking to address this issue and provide the experience of weightlessness to individuals across the globe, kiev-based designer yurii cegla created the ‘lul’, an ergonomic portable chair formed to utilize the dynamic zero gravity position. 

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drawing influence from NASA


yurii cegla draws influence from NASA designers, who have developed the zero gravity position formula in order to evenly distribute the hyper-loads on the astronaut’s body as the spacecraft takes off. the fact is that the spine of an average person receives the same amount of pressure sitting in a static position in a regular chair. the only difference between what the astronaut experiences and the average person is that the gravitation load is stretched over a more extended period for the earthbound. ‘as a result, we still get, with age, such spine traumas like osteochondrosis and other health concerns like hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and many other health problems resulting from prolonged static sitting at the desk,’ the designer explains.


the hammock-like structure of the ‘lul’ combined with the steel frame and ergonomic semi-sitting position allows you to swing comfortably while sitting in the chair. in this way, users can experience a meditative condition that allows them to relax quickly and efficiently, positively affecting the entire nervous system. this new ergonomic dynamic + zero gravity position of the ‘lul’ helps individuals refresh their concentration by stimulating the muscles of the back and legs, and increasing blood circulation. meanwhile, in conventional chairs, these areas tend to fall asleep and become stiff from muscle strain and increased loads on the lower part of the back.

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an all-season chair


besides its ergonomic design, the ‘lul’ chair features efficient insulation keeping you warm when it’s cold out and helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature on hot days. additionally, the designer plans to also introduce an electric heater for those chilly fall days. with ‘lul’, everyone gets to experience a carefree, womb-like state, with love and warmth, regardless of the surroundings or other circumstances. even a brief moment in the seat can help restore your mental health.

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project info:



name: ‘lul’
designer: yurii cegla



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