milan design week 2017: ahead of their debut at the salone del mobile 2017, expormim previewed the ‘gata’ chair and ‘gres’ stools by miguel and gonzalo milá, at an old greenhouse in the barcelona district of sants. taking several years to reach the final result, with multiple prototypes and reviews subsequently, the ‘gata’ chair’s name pays homage to the artisan craftsmen of gata de gorgos, a small village in the province of alicante where miguel learnt how to work rattan 50 years ago.


according to famed spanish industrial designer, miguel milá, the ‘gata’ chair ‘is the most difficult design I have ever done because there are thousands of chairs and many high-level. producing a chair that is just a bit better in any aspect is complicated. but we did it, or at least I believe so’.

the flowing lines of ‘gata’ create a chair of organic and balanced form
all images courtesy of expormim



originating from a pursuit for a perfect balance between different elements, shapes and diameters of the rattan cane, and pure aesthetics, the expormim ‘gata’ provides both comfortable and resistant seating in a true form. its lines flow smoothly to the top, creating a handle for users to move the chair around easily. the use of the cane plain and simply reflects an organic design, without any additives, offering exceptional functionality and longevity.

the furniture enhances rattan material



for me, functionality, comfort and ergonomics always come first and immediately there comes aesthetics. I have always claimed a chair remains unused most of the time. when there is no one sitting on it, the chair helps building the space, creates an atmosphere. and gata accomplishes this‘, miguel explains.

the chair is the result of several years of development


the ‘gres’ stools are available as a low or high edition



showcasing another design with everlasting qualities, miguel and gonzalo milá’s ‘gres’ stools originate from an expormim piece that dates back to 1962, but resurfaces again as a new creation. it is available as a high or low stool, enhancing beautifully shaped, tangent lines of rattan as four frames that support a cushioned seat. the taller edition features a glistening metal circle halfway down the structure, acting as a footrest and creating an even more supported construction.

the playful shapes of the four frames support the soft seat above


the rattan material reflects simplicity and purity


miguel (left) and gonzalo (right) milá behind the ‘gata’ chair



at the exclusive preview event in barcelona, the new editions were celebrated alongside other furniture pieces made from rattan, including the renowned ‘nautica’ swing chair and ‘fontal’ chair. both expormim’s ‘gata’ and ‘gres’ will be on show at the salone del mobile 2017, which runs from the 3rd to 7th april, 2017.

the new editions were on show at an exclusive event in barcelona, spain


the ‘nautica’ swing chair was also on display