located in new york’s soho cast-iron district, expormim opens its first pop-up space at ‘xoco 325’. within a new architectural landmark for the area, the temporary showroom aims to leave a long-lasting impression and reflect the strong identity of the furniture brand. as well, the design had to connect to the ethos of the ‘project xoco 325’ which was developed by DDG partners.

the aluminum façade was completed in august 2016
image © bruce damonte



open from october 13th to december 15th, the expormim pop-up showcases their indoor and outdoor collections by renowned designers such as; jaime hayon, oscar tusquets blanca, lievore altherr molina and MUT design. the showroom space provides new yorkers with the perfect chance to see some of the brand’s most recognized and popular pieces. furthermore, the work highlights the importance of technology advancements for their design process, which is a theme commonly shared with DDG.

the showroom will bring a refreshing offer to the new york city design scene
image © evan joseph



LZF lamps, a global lighting company, has partnered up with expormim for the pop-up space. their bold and unconventional hand-made wooden lighting designs provide illumination solutions to the showroom’s different areas. this long-standing collaboration presents the two brands’ enthusiasm and the vitality of contemporary european craft.

work by jaime hayon, lievore altherr molina and MUT design will all be on display
image © evan joseph



the building of the showroom, the ‘xoco 325’, is a collection of 21 residences on west broadway, which has been re-developed from a former 19 century chocolate factory. matching soho’s evolution from an industrial district to an upmarket manhattan destination, the ‘xoco 325’ features a dramatic cast-aluminum façade. adding to this, its vertical gardens hang over a glass curtain wall that elegantly references the district’s visual character in a more modern method.

the bold LZF lamps provide attractive lighting solutions for the showroom
image © evan joseph


the ‘nautica’ hanging seat by MUT design
image © evan joseph


the pop-up show’s opening night was october 13
image courtesy of expormim


the opening event in full swing
image courtesy of expormim


the temporary store aims to leave a long-lasting impression in new york
image courtesy of expormim


the store also offers new yorkers the chance to see many of the brand’s most iconic pieces
image courtesy of expormim