vaust studio introduces new series of interior sculptures


VAUST studio introduces ‘total exposure’, a series of seven interior sculptures and objects inhabiting berlin’s architectural influence. the collection presents itself as a story of a brutalist liaison between exposed concrete and raw aluminum, presenting a wide range of objects, including pendants, side tables, vases, and incense burners. the raw texture and terracotta tones of the pieces add a unique warm touch to any space. 

total exposure 1
total exposure – exposed concrete sculptures

all images courtesy of VAUST studio



stumbling upon aggregate concrete


the series by studio VAUST is deeply inspired by the brutalist buildings of berlin. ‘along with their unique formal language and composition of volumes comes a certain imperfection, a topic which is quite en vogue when speaking about interior aesthetics these days.’ the designers share. ‘taking a closer look at the composition of this different way of creating architecture we stumbled upon a very distinctively characterizing and mesmerizing building material called exposed aggregate concrete. by simply washing out a thin layer of concrete after taking off the mold of building parts the exposed material shows the gravel, which is holding the concrete together. the artificially generated result can be adjusted by changing the concrete recipe.’  the team explains.


deep-diving into this specific material and its application technique, the studio created their very own personal formula to get to their perception of aesthetic interpretation. instead of using local gravel, the designers chose two sorts of italian marble gravel to create the perfect colorway. a warm beige hue is paired with a complementing terracotta tone, forming a warm and elegant selection of objects. 

total exposure 8
smoker – incense burner sculpture



giving a new renaissance to a forgotten material 


the ‘total exposure’ series includes seven interior objects that demonstrate simplicity in form with a strong focus on material, a unique interpretation of proportion, and material composition. exposed aggregate concrete is put in context with carefully brushed aluminum as they create a unit. some pieces celebrate the material as they simply consist either of pure metal translated into a soothing formal language or paying an homage to nature when giving bigger gravel pieces a stage as a ceiling-hanging object. they come along as companions yet have their very own and monumental characteristics.

‘we embrace the cultural value of this precious architectural material. it is our answer to paying tribute to the city we live and love. total exposure is our attempt to give a nearly forgotten and repelled material a new renaissance.’ studio VAUST mentions.

total exposure 10
table – side table

total exposure 11
table – side table

total exposure 12
vase – floor vase

total exposure 2
ball – floor sculpture

total exposure 3
pendulum – pendant sculpture

total exposure 4
pin – table top sculpture

total exposure 5
pin – table top sculpture

total exposure 6
ring – table top sculpture

total exposure 7
ring – table top sculpture



project info:


name: total exposure
designer: VAUST studio



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