‘the upcycled jars collection’ by extrude.studio


extrude.studio is a team of four design students and friends specialized in leveraging 3D printing technology to create eco-friendly products for everyday use. Their latest work, ‘The Upcycled Jars Collection’, repurposes glass jars into multifunctional objects by screwing the tops of each jar with recycled and 3D-printed holders made from bioplastic packaging waste. Several prototypes of each holder variation were modeled and printed to ensure solidity and good ergonomics.


‘For this collection, our wish was to create objects ecologically. Therefore, upcycling existing objects and using recycled materials made sense from the start. Upcycling jars means we prevent additional glass production, thus encouraging more responsible consumption,’ writes extrude.studio. 

the upcycled jars collection 1
The Upcycled Jars Collection



3d-printed, plant-based holders for everyday use 


For ‘The Upcycled Jars Collection,’ the team at extrude.studio thought of objects that were widely used and in need of containers and holders to store them in; these include soap bars, coins, cigarette butts, stationary, paintbrushes, and coffee. All tops are removable and, if broken, can be turned into filament spools, or composted in an industrial composter, as they are made from plant-based material.


‘Giving access to these objects worldwide without increasing our carbon footprint was also important to us. This is why about half of our objects are available on Cults3D, a library for 3D files. Indeed, this allows people from all over the world to 3D-print our objects locally,’ shares the studio.


The collection can be purchased on extrude.studio’s website. 

the upcycled jars collection 4

3D-printed holders made from recycled bioplastic packaging waste

the upcycled jars collection 5
the self-watering pot works with a wick carrying the water up to the soil, so it never dries out

the upcycled jars collection 7
the paintbrush holder has an added thin wall to easily drain excess water when painting

the upcycled jars collection 9
this compact holder makes it easier to grab the soap bar and also collects dripping water

the upcycled jars collection 10
the candle holder also allows one to store candles within the jar

the upcycled jars collection 11
the ashtray holds your cigarette butts while keeping the surface clean and ready to use

the upcycled jars collection 8
the pencil pot can also store the likes of flashdrives or rubbers





project info:


name: The Upcycled Jars Collection
design: extrude.studio

team: Emilie Durand, Mano Silberzahn



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