‘pet stool’ (red) by eyal hirsh

for his final project at shenkar college, israel, designer eyal hirsh wanted to find a way in which to bring more playfulness into the living room through a stool. the result is ‘pet stool’, a furniture object made from oak wood which features a textile ‘appendage’ of sorts which functions as the seat and third leg, extending downwards and out into a plush, friendly creature that one can play and interact with. inside this cushion leg there is an aluminum brace that keeps the stool stable, allowing it to look mysteriously soft and floating.

designer’s own words: ‘my purpose in this project was to create a new interaction between us and the furniture around us, and through this experience, to allow us to feel, maybe act differently and more freely when were around the ‘pet stool’. to me it seems important to bring joy, and allow people to release their inhibitions more frequently then we usually do.’

eyal hirsh: pet stool up close of the third leg which extends outwards into a ‘plush creature’ which one can play and interact with

eyal hirsh: pet stool ‘pet stool’ yellow

eyal hirsh: pet stool ‘pet stool’ (red)

eyal hirsh: pet stool pet stools

eyal hirsh: pet stool pet stool, close up

eyal hirsh: pet stool sketches

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