left: israeli designer ezri taraziright: ‘baghdad table’ at milan design week 2005


industrial designer and head of the industrial design department at jerusalemn’s bezalel academy of art and design, israeli ezri tarazi draws from a range of styles, materials, and concepts in his pieces.


ezri tarazi: selected works

left: ‘still life’, a real watermelon with holes drilled into its top, used as a vaseright: ‘bazooka joe’ turtleneck jumper with HEPA filters integrated into the fabric


his 2005 ‘moving’ collection, composed of an armchair, ottoman, and table, are all built into their own self-containing wooden moving boxes.


works like ‘yesterday’s papers’ and the ‘still life’ vase reuse materials that might otherwise be wasted. other pieces exploring socially relevant ideas include tarazi’s ‘new baghdad’ tables, which are aluminum extrusions of aerial views of the city, and ‘bazooka joe’, a turtleneck jumper with virus-blocking HEPA filters integrated into the fabric.


ezri tarazi: selected works

left: ‘swords 1’ pendant lightright: ‘moving’ furniture collection