fabbricabois nidin pet shelter acts as origami styled table
images courtesy of fabbricabois




fulfilling both human and animal household needs, the fabbricabois‘ ‘nidin’ acts as a comfortable pet shelter, as well as a sturdy table and magazine rack. the concept by the parisian studio, who are most recognizable for their wooden micro-architecture and furniture design work, begun when revisiting a previous project called ‘the hut’. this multifunctional product, made from birch, has a geometric composition that interprets japanese origami through its clean and contemporary lines. its many different parts can be fitted together, without the need for tools, and can be held in place by an elastic band. this means no screws, glue or nails are necessary to assemble the clever doghouse / coffee counter.


the furniture’s detailed front provides shelter for the pet and space to store magazines


the hand-assembled birch product


the table’s top view


fabbricabois nidin pet shelter acts as origami styled table
all the parts fit perfectly together and are held in place using elastic bands


elastic string manipulation


the furniture’s detail central view