‘tools table lamp’ by fabien dumas

‘tools table lamp’ is a ready-made lighting object designed by berlin-based designer fabien dumas. the lamp can be seen as a hybrid between an desk light and ruler. the design features an arm made from an extendible wooden ruler making it adjustable, in combination with already existing lighting components.

fabien dumas: tools table lamp with arm extended

‘tools table lamp’ is part of the ‘poetry happens‘ exhibition at ventura lambrate during milan design week 2011. curated by fabien dumas alongside werner aisslinger and tim brauns, the show stands to be a display of archetypal prototyped objects or installations with a narrative design quality whether it be through the ‘poetry of making’, ‘poetry of collages’, ‘poetry of prototyping’, ‘poetry of spaces and installations’ or the ‘poetry of sustainability. here, designers, architects and artists give their personal approach and interpretation of their work in relation to poetry. included in the exhibition are projects by E27, ettlabenn, formfjord, harald gottschling, mathias hahn, xavier mañosa, marre moerel, clemens tissi, maria volokhova, mark braun and werner aisslinger.

fabien dumas: tools table lamp fabien dumas constructing the lamp in his workshop

fabien dumas: tools table lamp dumas adjusting the lamp