‘murana’ by fabio novembre

the annual venetian carnivale highlights the centuries-old tradition of masks, whereby people masquerade around the italian city concealing their identity – a means of escaping from social conventions. another practice which is deeply embedded in the cultural history of venice is that of glass blowing on the small island of murano.

for the venetian murano glass company venini, italian designer fabio novembre combines these two practices with ‘murana’. considering it to be mask in itself, the glass vessel is a volume which he says, ‘is meant to be worn for filtering the reality through its surfaces, a face without sexual or racial connotations, able to represent every kind of humanity, a soul for an object that could casually be perceived as a vase…‘

‘murana’ is set for presentation during milan design week 2012.  fabio novembre: murana for venini ‘murana’ by fabio novembre

fabio novembre: murana for venini glass blowing process for the production of ‘murana’