fabio novembre: strip for casamania
fabio novembre: strip for casamania
mar 31, 2011

fabio novembre: strip for casamania

‘strip’ by fabio novembre for casamania all images courtesy of fabio novembre

‘strip’ is a small armchair that takes its form from that of a bloomed flower. created by milan-based designer fabio novembre for italian furniture manufacturer casamania, the seat is born from a surface that — as he states — ‘gently folds into itself, flowing outwards almost like that of a woman’s skirt with a slit running up its profile on one side’. and ‘symmetry is rare in nature’. novembre expresses this through the chair’s abstracted form. produced in polyethylene with rotational moulding it is available in different colors, in matte and lacquered versions. ‘strip’ is suitable for outdoor use and is on show at milan design week 2011.

fabio novembre: strip for casamania left profile with ‘slit’

fabio novembre: strip for casamania right profile

  • symmetry in nature solely within the kingdom animalia (based on phyla):

    Radial Symmetry: Cnidaria (i.e. jellyfish) ~ 9,500 species

    five-fold symmetry: Echinodermata (i.e. starfish) ~ 6,000 species

    bilateral symmetry: arthropoda >2,000,000 species, superficially in chordata (i.e. HUMANS, the list goes on) ~ 45,000 species

    just wanted to say, if you’re going to “quote” nature, please do your research first.

    rj cottard
  • LOVE IT!!!!

  • very simple shape, like a pinched piece of clay.
    I would enjoy this very much.

  • Right on K.G.
    Fabio is such a narcissist designer.

  • Dear fabio/casamania – I’m sure that you’ve produced other great work, but this one falls short on many levels.

    This is yet another roto-molded seat to add to the plethora of roto-molded seats in the world. Why not use another material other than polyethylene if you’re trying to break through the saturation? There is no justification for these types of products proliferating our design vernacular anymore. Sadly, this is yet another design company and another designer feeling obliged to push another mass-produced plastic seat at the Salone.

    “Small armchair”. Ergonomic research suggests that the human race is getting taller/wider/bigger, why design a small chair?

    Quotes such as the following are quite generic and portray a lack of motivation for why this piece was created:

    “that takes its form from that of a bloomed flower”

    “that gently folds into itself, flowing outwards almost like that of a woman’s skirt with a slit running up its profile on one side”

    “symmetry is rare in nature” Sorry but the fibonacci sequence which relates directly to symmetry is found in so many places in nature, you just have to look.

    If you’re going to design something that is essentially a piece of art, then at least instil it with some substantial meaning rather than generic inspiration, and no don’t do it after the fact or else it just comes across as being insincere. Without all of the sexual innuendo and use of petroleum-based polyethylene, this would actually do quite well as a children’s product.

  • fantastic concept; it should be really beautiful, but the shape + the thickness just don’t quite get there.

    “womans skirt with slit up the side”
    who wrote the text? berlusconi?


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