concept image for project ‘next cabane’

‘next cabane’ is a project by fabrica, benetton’s communication research center in treviso, italy. the origins of this particular workshop come from a found object, a foldable wooden structure located in the darkest corner of an antique market in the south of scotland. though unknown, it is guessed that the framework had a previous life as a fishing net, perhaps set up with the addition of a canvas, acting as shelter for fishermen against the elements. the designers at fabrica wanted to revive this structure, examining its particular qualities and re-interpreting them for contemporary contexts – essentially a movable room that can be carried from place to place.

‘small, temporary spaces where we can set our boundaries, seek shelter or simply live a different life rediscovering the quality and simplicity of things. personal, intimate havens in harmony with their surroundings; they reflect on subjects like work, pop-up culture, loneliness, games. alternative settings were one can live in a better way with more awareness, where design is at the service of research into materials, forms and structures.’

‘next cabane’ is on show at design september brussels 2011.

fabrica: next cabane at design september brussels 2011 ‘weathering the storm’ by valentina carretta photo by gustavo millon

‘weathering the storm’ by valentina carretta, is a space to relax, surrounded by a landscape recently shaped by a violent storm. a place in which to enjoy rain puddles, reflections and light a bonfire, without the risk of getting wet or burned. an ironic statement showing how man will never control nature…

fabrica: next cabane at design september brussels 2011 ‘soft fold’ by marie dessuant and margaux keller

‘soft fold’ is a temporary space which invites the users to take time out of their day. duvets, a reading table, a low bench and a lamp compose this hybrid furniture / space. the harmony of colors emphasizes this soft and quiet atmosphere.’

fabrica: next cabane at design september brussels 2011 ‘rod’ by amaury poudray and brian wood

‘rod’ is a simple folded structure that  has been deconstructed to create new functional objects and sculptural elements. each component has been colored to be recognized  and to highlight its value. the transformation pays homage to the pureness of the initial volume.

fabrica: next cabane at design september brussels 2011 ‘mobile museum’ by philip bone and dean brown

the ‘mobile museum’ is a traveling space, with contents contributed by people from all over the world. unlike a conventional museum the collection is always changing, evolving depending on its location, with every new location dictating a new curatorial theme. the materiality of the system is carefully detailed to accommodate its traveling nature. it speaks about lightness, mobility and openness – welcoming its new contents, whatever they may be. it welcomes contributions from different backgrounds – whether you’re an artist, designer, illustrator, photographer or other practitioner.