fabrica’s patch of sky lamp emits colored light based on weather
‘rain’ (above)
all images by shek po kwan, with editing assistance by marlene wolfmair




the weather plays a strong role on our emotional and psychological well-being, and keeping up to date with meteorological conditions is quite the pass-time for many of us. observing this social wonder, fabrica‘s leonardo amico, federico floriani, reda jouari, alice longo, akshata vishwanath and giorgia zanellato have conceived ‘patch of sky’ – a system of internet connected lighting products that allow you to share your local atmospheric climate with loved ones.

patch of sky fabrica designboom




the designs recall ancient egyptian weather dieties: amun, the god of wind; set, the god of storms; and tefnut, the goddes of rain; through three different shaped lamps (wall and floor mounted versions) composed of mirrored surfaces which reflect and display weather information based on your current location through colored light animations. ‘patch of sky’ is registered to a facebook account and then shipped to the individual whom you wish to share your sky with. tracking and retrieving the climatic situation of your locale four times a day, it sends this information via internet to your paired ‘patch of sky’ in the form of one of eleven common weather conditions.





the prototypes employ arduino, while BERGcloud, a hardware and software solution, connects each ‘patch of sky’ to the web. the individual receiving it just needs to attach the router to the BERGCloud bridge that is wirelessly linked to the mirror, thus connecting the light to the internet. running on this technology, allows the luminaires to connect to the web easily so that setting them up simply requires plugging them into the wall.

patch of sky fabrica designboom‘hot’


fabrica patch of sky designboom



the atmospheric experience of ‘patch of sky’
video directed by alessandro bertelle, shot by coleman guyon, with sound design by davide cairo
video courtesy of fabrica


fabrica patch of sky designboom
color variations


fabrica patch of sky designboom
‘set’, based off god of storms


fabrica patch of sky designboom
‘tefnut’, based off goddess of rain